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Princess' Medallion-Class Cruise Ships

Royal Princess in St. Thomas (Photo: Princess Cruises)
Royal Princess in St. Thomas (Photo: Princess Cruises)

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Unlike other ship classes, Princess' Medallion Class is not determined by similarities in size, design or age among a group of ships. Instead, Medallion-class ships are designated as such because they all have Princess Cruises' high-tech OceanMedallion system installed onboard. It is only on these ships that cruisers can keep track of their loved ones in real time, order food or drink to be delivered anywhere onboard or open their cabin door without taking out a keycard.

Updated May 29, 2019

Medallion-Class Ships

  • Caribbean Princess
  • Regal Princess
  • Royal Princess
  • Crown Princess
  • Sky Princess
  • Ruby Princess (January 2020)
  • Grand Princess (March 2020)
  • Enchanted Princess (June 2020)
  • Emerald Princess (August 2020)
  • Coral Princess (October 2020)
  • Island Princess (December 2020)

Medallion-Class Amenities

Cruise ships that fall within Princess' Medallion Class span all of Princess' regular classes (groups of ships that were designed on the same blueprint and often launched within just a few years of each other), so the traditional amenities onboard vary greatly.

The main amenity that all Medallion-class ships have in common is the OceanMedallion itself -- a wearable casino chip-sized disc that enables an array of futuristic services. There are also thousands of sensors installed throughout the ships to interact with the Medallions.

Cruises wearing a Medallion (either as a necklace, bracelet or clip-on) can unlock their doors without touching anything, pay for purchases without reaching for a keycard, track their children wherever they are onboard, or order a snacks to be delivered anywhere on the ship.

Couple Using the OceanMedallion Portal (Photo: Princess Cruises)

Differences Among Ships Within the Medallion Class

OceanMedallion functions the same, no matter which ship it is on. However, traditional ship amenities vary between Medallion-class ships and are dependent on each ship's designated ship class.

Best For

Princess Cruises' Medallion-class ships are best for cruisers who are comfortable with technology and don't want to throw their phones into a safe and leave them there for the length of their cruise.

You'll need to be willing to download a series of apps onto your phone to take full advantage of OceanMedallion and be ready to experiment with the system to figure out which aspects appeal most to you.

Technophobes can still enjoy a cruise on a Medallion-class ship but won't get the full experience and might feel left out at (or annoyed by) the sight of everyone else playing around on their phones.

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