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Best Cruise Spa Products That You Can Buy at Home

  • Ever considered booking another cruise just so you can get your hands on another bottle of that Elemis face cleanser or Kerastase hair treatment you fell in love with after buying it on your last cruise? You don't have to get on another cruise ship just to have that sense of pampering that comes with a cruise vacation. Here are a few creams, lotions and scrubs that'll have you feeling like you just walked out of the treatment room on your last cruise.

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    One of our favorite things about going to the spa on any cruise ship is the extra-plush bathrobes you get to hang out in before and after your treatment. This Acanva unisex plush cotton kimono robe will give you that same luxurious feeling. Pair it with these open-toe waffle weave slippers and the experience is complete.

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    Body Oil

    But, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of the spa products we fell in love with at sea. Unless you're spending all day by the pool, cruises (especially port-intensive sailings) are hard work on the legs. There's just so much walking! We discovered this Elemis Musclease Active Body Oil during a massage several years ago, and it's become our go-to for after-work out muscle rejuvenation. And, with rosemary and sea fennel among the ingredients, it smells pretty nice, too.

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    Red Flower Scrub

    We love that silky-smooth feeling after we've gotten a body scrub in a cruise ship spa. Combined with the glow from getting some sun, it makes us feel extra sexy. The brand Red Flower is a staple at many at-sea Canyon Ranch spas, and you'll want to make their Lemon Coffee Blossom Olive Stone Scrub, which not only exfoliates but tones as well, an essential part of your beauty routine.

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    Resurfacing Skin Cleaner

    We've got a few favorite treatments we try to indulge in anytime we're on a cruise for a week or longer. Facials are one of them. This Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Wash is a commonly used product during a cruise ship facial and the results are worth the splurge -- either on the ship or after you've gotten off.

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