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Pictures of Cruise Ship Deck Chair Hogs Behaving Badly

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    It's a bright, sunny day at sea, and you've got big plans that include lounging poolside and working on your tan while sipping a fruity cocktail. You wake up at a reasonable time, throw on a bathing suit and head to the Lido Deck. But when you get there, you find the prime deck chair real estate is occupied by towels, books and flip-flops -- everything but your fellow cruisers -- with no place left for you. What's going on? Cruise ship deck chair hogs, that's what. Unless you're one of them, you've almost certainly encountered these selfish passengers who reserve the best sun loungers early in the morning and then don't return to occupy them for hours, preventing other sun worshippers from snagging a deck chair near the pool. If you don't believe this is a phenomenon or want to giggle over the audacity of some cruisers, check out these pictures of chair hogs behaving badly.

    --By Ashley Kosciolek, Editor

    Photo: cruisetobeaches/Cruise Critic member

  • 2

    Carnival Liberty

    We count 32 reserved deck chairs and only one actual person sitting down. Early-morning deck chair hogs at their finest.

    Photo: finoky/Cruise Critic member

  • 3

    MSC Cruises

    Yikes! This pool deck has too many hogs to count. At least they make themselves known with those bright yellow towels.

    Photo: matj2000/Cruise Critic member

  • 4

    Carnival Fascination

    Bags, books, towels and even sneakers: These chair hogs pulled out all the stops.

    Photo: DGP1111/Cruise Critic member

  • 5

    Royal Caribbean

    It's so early the umbrellas aren't even up yet, but the cruise ship deck chair hogs have struck again.

    Photo: BillOh/Cruise Critic member

  • 6

    Carnival Cruise Line

    Now there's something you don't see every day. This experienced chair hog bypassed the amateurs using magazines and towels by going straight for a "reserved" sign.

    Photo: michelle1836/Cruise Critic member

  • 7

    Princess Cruises

    This lovely deck chair placeholder isn't fooling anyone. The person who put it there is nowhere to be found.

    Photo: caribill/Cruise Critic member

  • 8

    Carnival Conquest

    Even on a cloudy day, bathrobes, drinks and towels adorn these peopleless chairs near the pool.

    Photo: Havinsnest/Cruise Critic member

  • 9

    Carnival Cruise Line

    Carnival's cute take on chair hogging is sure to make anyone smile. But with all those towel animals soaking up the sun, we wonder what everyone's using below deck to dry off post-shower.

    Photo: Carnival Cruise Line

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