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New River Cruise Ships on Order

Amalia Rodrigues (Photo: CroisiEurope)
Amalia Rodrigues (Photo: CroisiEurope)

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River cruising continues its building spree, with more ships ordered for 2019 and beyond. Here's our constantly updating list of the newest river cruise ships on order.

Updated August 12, 2019

New River Cruise Ships in 2019


(Photo: AmaWaterways)

Ship: AmaMagna
Deployment: July 2019; Danube
Passengers: 194

(Photo: AmaWaterways)

Ship: AmaMora
Deployment: July 2019; Rhine, Danube
Passengers: 158

(Photo: AmaWaterways)

Ship: AmaDouro
Deployment: April 2019; Douro
Passengers: 106

American Cruise Lines

Ship: American Harmony
Deployment: Summer 2019; Mississippi River
Passengers: 186

Avalon Waterways

Avalon Envision (Photo: Avalon Waterways)

Ship: Avalon Envision
Deployment: April 2019; Danube
Passengers: 166


Amalia Rodrigues (Photo: CroisiEurope)

Ship: Amalia Rodrigues
Deployment: March 2019; Douro
Passengers: 132

Emerald Waterways

Adriatic Princess II (Photo: Emerald Waterways)

Ship: Adriatic Princess II
Deployment: 2019; Croatia
Passengers: 36

Emerald Harmony (Image: Emerald Waterways)

Ship: Emerald Harmony
Deployment: Fall 2019; Mekong
Passengers: 84

Gate 1 Travel

Ship: Monarch Countess
Deployment: 2019; Rhine
Passengers: 136

Ship: Monarch Governess
Deployment: 2019; Danube
Passengers: 136


Ship: S. S. Bon Voyage (refurb of River Royale)
Deployment: April 2019; Bordeaux
Passengers: 124

Viking River Cruises

(Photo: Viking)

Ship: Viking Einar
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

Viking Helgrim (Photo: Viking)

Ship: Viking Helgrim
Deployment: 2019; Douro
Passengers: 106

Ship: Viking Sigrun
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

Ship: Viking Sigyn
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

Viking Tir (Photo: Viking)

Ship: Viking Tir
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

Ship: Viking Ullur
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

Ship: Viking Vali
Deployment: March 2019; Rhine, Main, Danube
Passengers: 190

New River Cruise Ships in 2020


Ship: AMADEUS Imperial
Deployment: Spring 2020; Danube, Rhine & Main
Passengers: 168


Ship: AmaSiena
Deployment: July 2020; Main, Rhine & Mosel
Passengers: 156

American Cruise Lines

Ship: American Jazz
Deployment: August 2020; Mississippi
Passengers: 195

Ship: American Melody
Deployment: late 2020; TBD
Passengers: 195

American Countess (Image: American Queen Steamboat Company)

American Queen Steamboat Company

Ship: American Countess
Deployment: April 2020; Mississippi
Passengers: 245

Aqua Expeditions

Ship: Aqua Nera
Deployment: 2020, Amazon
Passengers: 40

Avalon Waterways

Ship: Avalon View
Deployment: 2020; Rhine
Passengers: 164


Ship: Zimbabwean Dream
Deployment: 2020; Lake Kariba (Africa)
Passengers: 16


Ship: ms Andorinha
Deployment: 2020; Douro
Passengers: 84

Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

Ship: S.S. La Venezia (formerly River Countess)
Deployment: March 27, 2020; Po River (Italy)
Passengers: 134

Ship: S.S. São Gabriel
Deployment: March 26, 2020; Douro (Portugal)
Passengers: TBA

Ship: S.S. Sphinx
Deployment: January 4, 2020; Nile (Egypt)
Passengers: 84

Ship: Mekong Jewel
Deployment: January 3, 2020; Mekong
Passengers: 68

Viking River Cruises

Ship: Viking Osiris
Deployment: 2020; Nile (Egypt)
Passengers: 82

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