Venetian Society Reception

The Venetian Society is Silversea Cruises' loyalty program for past passengers. Unlike most other mainstream and luxury cruise lines, Silversea's program does not have multiple levels. All members receive the same basic benefits. Enrollment is automatic after completion of your first sailing.

The program's main perk is the ability to earn free cruises, which is based on how many total nights you've sailed with the cruise line. You'll earn your first free sailing once you've sailed 350 days with Silversea, and will continue to earn additional free cruises as you hit other milestones.

There is also a referral program. When a new-to-the-cruise-line friend sails with you, you earn $250 in onboard credit on select sailings, as well as receive double cruise days, which will allow you to earn your complimentary cruises sooner.

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Venetian Society Benefits

  • Receive onboard recognition as a member and access to exclusive onboard parties
  • Up to 5 percent off select sailings
  • Ship visitation privileges for family and friends
  • Additional 5-percent discount and complimentary laundry service (on every sailing) after 100 cruise days
  • Additional 10-percent discount on every sailing after 250 cruise days
  • Complimentary seven-night cruise after 350 cruise days
  • Complimentary 14-night cruise after 500 cruise days
  • Complimentary seven-night cruise every 150 cruise days thereafter