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Anyone can say they're addicted to cruising. It's easy to get hooked after one week of basking in the sun and fresh salty air, hopping around exotic lands without a worry in the world. But it takes a special set of credentials to actually bear the label.

Cruise addicts are fully aware — and accepting — of their condition. We're not talking about the guy with the Royal Caribbean tattoo or the family with a Carnival funnel on their minivan (you're welcome for that idea). Most cruise addicts like to keep a low profile.

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To determine how much of a cruise addict you really are, we've made a list of 21 obvious warning signs. How many apply to you?

1. You basically work to fund your next cruise

2. Your smartphone and/or computer wallpaper is a cruise ship or destination

3. You unwittingly use cruise lingo throughout the day (Example: Referring to your bedroom as a cabin)

4. Some of your closest friends are people you met while cruising

5. You suffer from Post-Cruise Depression

6. You plan your next cruise while onboard — or before! — your current one

7. You're a top-tier member of at least one cruise line

8. Other cruisers always come to you for tips and tricks you've accrued over time

9. Your home is full of cruise-related decor, memorabilia or souvenirs

10. Most of your conversations always lead to cruising

11. You've memorized the layout of a number of ships

12. That swaying motion you feel after you disembark no longer fazes you

13. You can count the exact number of days until your next cruise

14. On holidays and birthdays, you always receive at least one cruise-related gift

15. You could spend hours on cruise sites

16. You've planned an imaginary cruise just to get your fix

17. When you get invited somewhere, you have to double-check your calendar to make sure you're not cruising

18. You've hosted a Cruise Critic meet-and-mingle

19. A world cruise is one of your biggest fantasies

20. You're never fully unpacked

21. You've lost track of your bucket list