Radiance of the Seas

Radiance of the Seas has a reputation as Royal Caribbean's 'dining ship' and is ideal for passengers who love eating out as much as they love cruising. Carrying 2,100 passengers, this light-filled mid-size ship includes many of the venues found on the much larger Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. If you're hungry for a fabulous cruise, our Radiance of the Seas cruise tips should provide plenty of inspiration.

Radiance of the Seas - Park Cafe

Tip 1: Skip the Buffet Crowds on Embarkation Day

Steer clear of the crowded Windjammer Cafe on embarkation day, and head to Park Cafe for lunch instead. This casual deli next to the adults-only Solarium serves made-to-order salads, toasted paninis and freshly prepared sandwiches, as well as a selection of gourmet pastries and coffee. Best of all, it's free.

Radiance of the Seas - Billiards

Tip 2: Play Pool on Self Leveling Tables

No one can blame the ship if they miss a shot at the Bombay Billiard Club. There, you'll find gyroscopic pool tables that use the same technology as remote-control helicopters to move around and keep each ball in place, even when seas are rough. It's worth visiting the club to see one of these amazing tables in action, even if you don't feel like playing.

Radiance of the Seas - Viking Lounge

Tip 3: Viking Crown Lounge is More Than a Bar

Viking Crown Lounge is a popular place for cocktails, but this spacious area is also an ideal relaxation spot during the day. When the bar is closed, it's blissfully quiet, so curl up in a comfy seat, and revel in the panoramic ocean views. Bring along your favourite book or an iPad, and you might still be there when the bar opens at 5pm.

Radiance of the Seas - Elevators

Tip 4: Take the Kids for a Ride

Your kids will love joining you for a ride in the sea-facing glass elevators in the centre of the ship, especially when there are whitecaps outside. The view from there is stunning, as the ocean seems to stretch on forever. Take your trip at times when most of the other passengers are dining or seeing a show; it's even more fun when you ride express.

Radiance of the Seas - Chef's Table

Tip 5: Visit the Chef's Table With Friends

With a smaller number of passengers than other ships in Royal Caribbean's fleet, you'll almost certainly make new friends on Radiance of the Seas. One of the most enjoyable things to do together is dine at the Chef's Table. No one has to worry about who's paying for wine, as it's included in the cost of the meal, and the convivial atmosphere lends itself to good times. Discounts are often offered on the last night of each cruise, prompting some passengers to return and enjoy this exceptional dining experience for a second time.